Demiurge Show Recap

Some reflections on Dim Media's latest exhibition and our latest series.
October 28th, 2014  by Blaine Garrett

Last Thursday Dim hosted a showing of our latest series "Demiurge". It was a small success. Here's some personal commentary.

My friend Hazel, the owner of Hair Lounge approached us last Fall about having a reception at her salon as a sort of way to cross promote our artwork and her business. We have hung artwork at her salon quite a bit since she opened it, but we never held a reception. Like a lot of art in businesses, the business gets rent free art on their walls, the artists typically have to handle all the (usually nonexistent) sales and no one really puts much effort into advertising the thing. Most channels that list local arts events usually give them no press and the artist even feels funny making a Facebook event for it. That said, we decided we were going to change that and make this a reception worth promoting.

Katie designed up flyers that we sent to a select mailing list in Uptown. We bought Facebook ads. We sent press releases. We ended up getting mentioned in the Citypages "4 Free Things to Do this week" section and a nice writeup in L'etoile's Weekend Guide.

In the end, we had publicity, a great looking setup, and the artwork was reasonably priced. However, aside from a few random passers by, it was still just good solid dependable friends and their friends that packed the event. I personally worry about depending on friends to support your work, but at the end of the day, our friend circle just keeps growing and is probably exactly where we need to be right now. The other side of it is that it is a lot more fun hanging at a reception chatting with friends than it is trying to make conversation with strangers. So props to our friends.

I'll post more on the series when we get our photos back. In the meantime, check out the Dim Facebook page for more.