Destino: The Salvador Dali - Disney Collaboration 57 Years in the Making

Dali and Disney teamed up on an animated short and I only found out about it now.
January 28th, 2020  by Blaine Garrett

A long abandoned collaboration between Salvador Dali and Disney studios was discovered and resurrected by Disney's nephew in the early 2000s. The collaboration started nearly 60 years earlier when Dali and Disney artist John Hench storyboarded the film. However, it was ditched when Disney suffered financial troubles. Armed with the story boards and 17 seconds of original footage, 25 artists helped bring the film to life. It premiered in 2003 at the The New York Film Festival and received much praise including an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Short.

You can watch the full film on Youtube (embedded below). Alternately, someone set the film to Pink Floyd's Time, because of course they did.